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In our equine evacuation and other work with horses during natural disasters, Fleet of Angels' team members realized that people who are desperate for help don't have time to scroll through hundreds of social media posts or various pages, looking for someone who can help them evacuate their horses, provide temporary stabling, or help solve other urgent needs when natural disasters are threatening their lives and the lives of their horses. They need to find help that is nearby, and they need to find them quickly!  The National Equine Evacuation Directory (aka 'the NEED directory') is a free service provided by Fleet of Angels to help organize volunteers' and service providers' information into a user-friendly platform that's publicly accessible, easy to use, and fast! 


The directory also helps those who have services to offer like transporting, housing horses, search and rescue experience, or other needed skills.  Rather than just posting on Facebook where posts disappear down the thread in minutes during chaotic events, those who want to help can simply enter their information and offerings into the easy digital form (Offer Help button) one time, and their information will then be accessible in our tabbed, searchable, easy to use database format, where those who need help can find it. 


Thousands of equines threatened by natural disasters have been successfully evacuated, stabled, cared for, and then returned home through people who registered in the NEED database to offer their services. These directories are used by horse owners and rescuers, volunteers, emergency services providers, veterinarians, search and rescue organizations, incident command posts, university equine emergency aid teams, law enforcement, and more.  


Or data delivery system is still a work in progress, so our system is not as refined now as it will soon be.  (Our database programmers can only work on formatting and other cosmetic upgrades when not in crises mode- helping equines during disasters- and there have been a lot of disasters this year.  We are anticipate launching our beautiful, full-fledged, interactive and searchable directory and easy to use app in 2019. 

Thank you for joining us! 


Teamwork works! 


Fleet of Angels is a not for profit organization that was originally created with the goal of helping facilitate the rescue and adoptions of more at-risk equines by making transporting them more affordable.  Thousands of trailer owners, almost 2000 layover hosts, over 225 quarantine providers, and hundreds of other service providers have joined our network.  As a result, FOA has been able to help save thousands of at-risk equines each year through our ever-growing network of horse helpers.

In addition to transporting equines for adopters and rescuers, Fleet of Angels has quickly become the nation's most trusted go-to network for organizing and managing equine evacuations from hurricanes, floods, fires, and other natural disasters, helping provide stabling for displaced horses, establishing hay and supply banks, and providing a trip home for equines when their homes are safe again.  The Horse Helpers Directory system is a key tool in that effort.  In just over one year, Fleet of Angels helped horse owners evacuate thousands of at-risk equines from each of the major hurricanes that have visited the United States- Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma.  Hundreds of thousands of square miles were affected by those storms, cumulatively, and much of that area is 'horse country'.  Now fires are ripping through southern California, and FOA members in that area are stepping up to help get equines to safety, while other members all over the US are rallying to collect feed and supplies that will be needed for horses displaced by the ravaging fires.  

In 2018 Fleet of Angels completed what is considered to be the largest rescue of horses in history, having taken in 907 horses seized from SD courts when found to be starving and neglected.  FOA accepted ownership of the horses, and in just over one year has provided feed and care for the horses until they recovered from their past neglect, and then found adoptive homes for them all- in groups of two or more, so no horse had to go to a new home without a bonded friend or family member.  

For helping horses get from danger to safety year-round, for evacuating and helping provide care for thousands of equine victims of hurricanes, and for taking on the largest rescue of horses in history, ASPCA gave Fleet of Angels the very first ASPCA Equine Welfare Award in 2017. 

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ASPCA Equine Welfare Award tribute video




Connecting equine victims of natural disasters with the help they need
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